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Spatial Data Services Africa (Pty) Ltd (SDSA) provides specialist analytical services for the planning of smart, sustainable cities responding to the challenges for moving into the fourth industrial revolution. Drawing from the largest national spatial database in South Africa and supported by our data partners, SDSA is an indispensable resource for planning and development in South Africa.

About Us

We believe in the unlimited capabilities of the human brain. With the help of technology, we can solve complex problems and overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges. However, decision making and problem-solving are highly dependent on the quality and relevance data to establish facts as the basis for information that builds knowledge and understanding to respond to problems. Developing the data-to-knowledge value chain drives the team at Spatial Data Services Africa.

The establishment is SDSA is a result of restructuring MapAble (Pty) Ltd (established 2013) and the need to advance spatial data services beyond the technical confines of MapAble® as a spatial platform. The establishment of SDSA was driven by:

  • The rapid expansion in available (spatial) data and associated technologies.
  • The increased inability of built environment policymakers and planners to access, understand and grasp meaning and implications of data.
  • Technological solutions exist in abundance for almost any challenge and also holds for spatial analysis and decision-making. Access to technology is simple, but the use and application thereof range from very basic to very complicated specialized skills required. Spatial analysis software and systems typically emerge as generic solutions forwarded by information and software technology experts. Contrary to this, Spatial Data and Systems Africa (Pty) Ltd offer technology and services developed by spatial planning practitioners with decades of experience in the South African and African planning and development environment.

Spatial Data Services Africa (Pty) Ltd is a Level 2 B-BBEE company.


Burgert Gildenhuys

Burgert is an internationally recognised expert in municipal planning, spatial, economic development, and local government finances. Burgert is responsible for the overall management and business development of SDSA.

Johan du Toit

Johan is a director of Spatial Data Services Africa (Pty) Ltd and co-founder of MapAble (Pty) Ltd. He is a recognised expert in software development, database development and web-based mapping. Johan operates from the USA..


Advanced spatial platform
An advanced geospatial platform

MapAble® is the technology platform that allows Spatial Data Services Africa to deliver services and products that is not generally available or previously possible in the spatial planning environment. MapAble® operates in an integrated web and cloud-based environment that brings together high-level software development skills and geographic information systems (GIS). MapAble® was wholly developed through our technical competencies within the framework of decades of user experience of founders and staff.


Spatial database management

Data functionality revolves around data content and the ability to source, host and maintain data from a range of sources. Our national data catalogue consists of more than than 1 400 data sets. The system is open to various web-based data formats. Third-party commercial data has become generally available. SDSA proactively enters into agreements with suppliers of commercial data sets and by adding value and packaging this data, make it accessible to our users and clients. Lastly, data functionality revolves around our clients own data. Our technology allows clients to use their data in a safe, secure manner and to integrate it with external data sets.


Spatial profiling and reporting

The system can draw reports for any chosen geographical area in South Africa and are not bound by cadastral or institutional boundaries. The flexible and dynamic reporting features of MapAble® is the one element where it outperforms any existing system. The reports can be stylised and branded to suit the user’s needs and can include graphs, tables and maps. Systems reports are query-based and draw information directly from our servers. Updates in the database are immediately reflected in new reports.


GIS and advanced spatial analysis

Spatial profiling and analysis services is a deliberate attempt to provide direct professional support to improve data analysis for planning and decision-making purposes.

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